About DSP Associates

DSP Associates is one of India’s leading chemical suppliers and we are known for our quality, commitment and competitive prices. We import and supply a myriad of chemical products and support a number of industries including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, food additives, detergent, plastic and cosmetics. We enforce the highest standards of quality control and only source our products from internationally acclaimed chemical suppliers and manufacturers. As we believe that our customers deserve only the very best, we provide the most attractive combination of quality, value, technology, delivery and customer support.

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Our Advantages

Unmatched Quality

To provide our customers with the best chemical solutions, we only source and supply the highest quality products and that too at extremely pocket-friendly rates. All our products undergo rigorous quality control checks to match international standards of excellence. All of this coupled with superior customer support makes business with us memorable and profitable.

Team of Dedicated Experts

We have assembled a dedicated team of professionals who are experts at their fields and are committed towards complete customer satisfaction round the clock. Our team excels at identifying technical and commercial challenges of our customers and coming up with unique customized solutions for best results. Our consistent care towards the needs of our clients ensures strong and lasting business relationships.

Advantageous Location

As we are located at the heart of Indian chemical production hub in Maharashtra, we can take full advantage of our presence with easy sourcing of chemicals and supplying to all parts of the country. As we rub shoulders with leading chemical businesses every day, we are always ahead of the curve and able to pass on the benefits to you.

Attractive Pricing

All of our products are supplied to our customers at the lowest possible rates to provide real value add to their businesses. By ensuring best quality products at industry lowest rates, we help businesses across the country thrive to their full potential.

Our Products

We have wide range of chemical products

What Clients Say

DSP associates is a good source for certain raw materials which are hard to produce locally.



Sales Assistant

We can’t afford costly downtime. The consistent and reliable performance of DSP Associates products and service helps us attain our production goals and remain profitable.


Kaushik Padhye


Sales and customer service are always very responsive. We work well together to keep appropriate stock & delivery timing.


Jayanti Prajapati


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