About us

DSP Associates is a premier chemical and related raw material importer and supplier focused on adding value to our customers’ businesses. Keeping quality in mind, over the years we have forged long-standing relationships with globally recognized manufacturers and also suppliers working in the niche market. By combining quality products with seamless distribution, technology and robust customer support, we provide a perfect solution to our clients.

In a connected world of today, collaboration and co-existence is the key. Which is why DSP Associates aims to grow while helping our customers grow, faster. Our quality checks ensure all products supplied are of international standards. Such quality controlled products play a key role in the Indian detergent, food, pharmaceuticals, paint and plastics market. We excel at identifying the specific needs of each customer and providing them with exactly the kind of solution that they want and deserve.

Our products and solutions are provided at the most competitive prices. A strong supply chain ensures timely procurement and delivery of products to any part of the country. We let our partners know the status of their delivery every step of the way until it reaches the destination. We are built on honesty, quality and commitment and we deliver each time.

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